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Student Travel

Are you traveling out of the United States with an F-1 visa?

Before traveling out of the US for any length of time, for any reason, international students must:

  1. Request a leave of absence from the Graduate College.
  2. Contact the international student office to have the travel approved.
  3. Before leaving the US, make sure you're up to date on all entry requirements of your destination country (such as vaccinations, testing, quarantine, etc.), as well as requirements for re-entering the US.

Allow at least 10 business days for processing leave requests. If you need to take an urgent, unplanned short-term absence, we will work with you to process the request as quickly as possible. 


Are you traveling out of the country, whether for business or personal reasons?

Graduate students, post-docs, and all other OU employees, students, trainees, scholars, and affiliates must Register International Travel at least 30 days before:

  1. Traveling internationally on OU business or conducting OU business during personal, international travel, and/or
  2. Traveling internationally with OU data or information, on OU electronic device or any person to access OU systems, and/or
  3. Traveling internationally with OU equipment

Graduate students who need to travel within 30 days or less should contact the Graduate College at 405-271-2085 or Postdocs and faculty should contact the dean or vice president over their academic department/unit. This is based on the University's International Travel Registration & Review Policy.


Is the University funding part or all of your travel?

Graduate students traveling with University funds need Dean Pereira’s approval for “mission critical” travel. Students or their mentors can request the approval by e-mailing This is based on University policy. Faculty and post-docs should seek approval from the dean or vice president of their academic department/unit. 

Requests are evaluated based on the following questions:

  • Is the travel critical to the performance of core academic, research, or operations functions?
  • Is it required by the federal government or a sponsoring agency or organization?
  • Is it necessary to secure or maintain funding?
  • Is it required for work that can be performed only in person?
  • Is it necessary to maintain professional accreditation?
  • Is a remote option available?


Are you using a GREAT Travel Award, or other travel award from the Graduate College?

The student or postdoc must submit the Student and Postdoc Travel Form to the Graduate College,