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Faculty and Staff

H. Anne Pereira, PhD
Gillian Air

Gillian Air, PhD

Associate Dean

Anita Bennett

Anita Bennett

Senior Student Program Coordinator

Rebecka Bourn, PhD

Rebecka Bourn, PhD

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Christopher Horton

Christopher Horton, PhD

Assistant Director, Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences and Summer Programs

Eric Howard

Eric Howard, PhD

Assistant Dean for Biomedical Doctoral Programs and Director, Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences

Melissa Medina

Melissa Medina, EdD

Director, Preparing Future Faculty Program

Shellie Smartt

Shellie Smartt

Lead Administrative Support Specialist

Annie Smith

Annie Smith

Assistant to the Dean

Amy Tucker

Amy Tucker, PhD

Assistant Dean for Graduate Education and Research

Sara Vesely

Sara Vesely, PhD

Director of MS in Clinical and Translational Science Program, Director of Undergraduate Research Program

Megan Westbrook

Megan Westbrook

Business Manager, Staff