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Graduate College

What is the Graduate College?

We Are Research!

Major scientific breakthroughs and advancements to current standards-of-care are driven by graduate education and research. The Graduate College oversees 30 research-based Master's and PhD programs spanning Biomedical Sciences and Allied- and Public Health-related disciplines, all of which aim to improve health and/or health outcomes both locally and around the globe.  Efforts are focused on improving our ability to diagnose, treat, and prevent a range of diseases, identify at-risk populations, and address disparities in healthcare. 

Welcome About the Graduate College

Is Graduate School Worth It?

Definitely! An advanced degree in biomedical or health sciences opens up a plethora of career options. And, while training to become scientists, care providers, educators, administrators, innovators, entrepreneurs, or policy advisors, graduate students play a critical role in driving research and discovery, ultimately leading to major breakthroughs and improvements to current standards-of-care.

In terms of cost, graduate education is far less compared to professional programs and in many cases, students acquire little to no debt! Graduate Research Assistants at OUHSC receive an annual stipend plus health insurance and a tuition waiver.


  • Comprehensive Academic Health Center
  • 30 Master’s & PhD Programs
  • $176.6 Million Awarded in Research Funding, 2023
  • Excellent Mentorship
  • Highly Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Environment
  • Several Focus Areas
  • Partnering Institutions: OMRF, Dean McGee Eye Institute, Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, Stephenson Cancer Center
  • Annual Stipend, Tuition & Fee Waiver, & Health Insurance for Graduate Research Assistants
  • On-campus housing <$1000/month