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Graduate College

Welcome to the Graduate College!

We oversee research-based Master's & PhD programs spanning biomedical and health sciences. Major focus areas include Infectious Disease, Cancer, Immunology, Diabetes, & Neuroscience along with improving individual and population health. While training to become scientists, care providers, educators, administrators, entrepreneurs, and policy advisors, our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows play a critical role in advancing OUHS's research endeavors.

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Master's & PhD Programs

$176.6 Mil

Awarded in Research in 2023


Graduate Faculty Members


Students benefit from our highly collaborative, interdisciplinary campus environment, with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Stephenson Cancer Center, Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, and Dean McGee Eye Institute adjacent to main campus. Graduate students receive excellent mentorship from renowned faculty and conduct research in state-of-the-art facilities. Our graduate programs span Basic Sciences and Health-Related Disciplines, and all provide extensive and individualized learning opportunities to prepare students for a multitude of career paths.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“The resources available at OUHSC are incredible; I have received quality education, training, scholarships and two research pilot grants. Also, I have participated in numerous research commercialization trainings through the Entrepreneurship for Science and Technology course, OK Catalyst Roadmap, and the OU Tom Love Innovation Hub Startup Accelerator. With these skills and experiences, I am prepared to develop and translate scientific research into business solutions that will benefit workers and the economy.”
-Toluwanimi Oni, Occupational & Environmental Health

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“As one of the few comprehensive academic health centers in the nation, graduate students here at OUHSC have a unique opportunity to unite health care professionals with research in order to advance our understanding of infectious diseases in both laboratory and clinical settings. As a current Microbiology and Immunology PhD student, I am confident my experiences here at OUHSC will continue to equip me with the tools needed to achieve my goal of becoming a professor and leader in microbial pathogenesis research.”
-Annie Doyle, Microbiology & Immunology

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“The Graduate College fosters a fantastic environment suited to acquiring lifelong leadership skills. I had the opportunity to serve as GREAT Symposium Chair, which gave me new responsibilities and taught me how to plan meticulously. The Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology has advanced the skills I needed as a researcher and has connected with the world’s top researchers in the field of aging. My mentor has provided me great opportunities to explore multiple areas of research to grow academically, professionally, and personally.”
-Ramasamy Selvarani, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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“I was drawn to pharmaceutical research after my youngest niece was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. As a doctoral candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, I have been able to contribute to projects that will offer improvements to patients suffering from other diseases. I have also been able to present my research and network with others who share the same goals and passions. The education and experience I've gained during my time at OUHSC have reinforced the importance of basic science research and given me the motivation to keep moving forward with my career”
-Margaret Bourlon, Pharmaceutical Sciences

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“My experience as an international student in the Department of Radiologic Sciences has been amazing. I am grateful to the OUHSC faculty for welcoming me so warmly and giving me the opportunity to grow and push my limits as a medical physicist. Being a PhD student, I have been able to collaborate with brilliant researchers and push forward the study of new technologies for radiation therapy.”
-Gilberto Gonzalez, Radiological Sciences

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“One of the best things about being a PhD candidate in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at OUHSC is to do translational research in cancer and heart diseases, the top leading causes of death worldwide, that are often comorbid. I have full support from my primary mentor, dissertation committee members, my department and the graduate college, which facilitates this journey.
-Zitha Isingizwe, Pharmaceutical Sciences

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“The opportunity to work on a cancer-related project during my undergraduate led me to join the Department of Pathology at OUHSC for my PhD. Throughout these years, I have received appropriate training and immense support from my mentor, the department, and the graduate college to advance my career in the field of exosome biology in pancreatic cancer. I have been provided with multiple opportunities."
-Kritisha Bhandari, Pathology

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“Beginning in GPiBS, I joined research that I'm deeply passionate about, studying defects that cause diseases which afflict by own family like cancer and Down syndrome. The Cell Biology program provides opportunities and training that have emboldened me to pursue a competitive research career while also supporting my other values, such as involving and uplifting scientists from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds.”
-Jeff Schoen, Cell Biology

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“My passion to study human immunology stems from my personal experiences as an eczema patient. I have always been curious about disease mechanisms and potential therapies to improve patient outcomes. This curiosity drove me to pursue a PhD in Immunology at OUHSC where I currently work on identifying treatment targets for patients suffering from neuro-autoimmune diseases. Working at OUHSC lets me collaborate with top researchers and medical professionals that has helped my training as an immunologist. After graduate school, I aim to apply my knowledge and develop treatment options for patients.”
-Saurabh Gawde, Microbiology & Immunology

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