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Message from the Dean


Welcome to the Graduate College. As one of the leading comprehensive academic health science centers in the US, OUHSC's mission is to educate and help solve the important medical and public health issues of today.


Our graduate students arrive from many places with many different aspirations and dreams. Some want to establish research careers in academia, industry, health care, or government. Some are developing skills to teach the next generations of health scientists, while others aim to communicate science to non-specialists. A growing number of our PhD and MS candidates want to become entrepreneurs or consultants in new technologies or patent law. Some choose to develop careers in regulatory and policy matters. At OUHSC, we value our students and respect and support their choices. We prepare them to achieve their goals. We happily open doors and help graduate and post-doctoral candidates along the path to many diverse careers. 


Students here find ground-breaking opportunities to train under the excellent mentorship of scientists and healthcare professionals who are conducting research that affects health disparities in the US and across the globe. Students can also learn first-hand from those who are commercializing technologies and creating companies. All that is achievable because of our purposeful commitment to cross-functional education. Our faculty members represent many different disciplines. The Graduate College grants MS and PhD degrees from many programs of study offered through the Colleges of Allied Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health.

About the College

The Graduate College serves as the degree-granting college for research-based Master’s and PhD programs. Key focus areas include Infectious Disease, Cancer, Autoimmunity, Neuroscience, Aging-related Diseases, and Diabetes as well as improving preventative measures along with our ability to identify at-risk populations and address disparities in healthcare.  

Graduate education and research are central to OUHSC’s mission as a comprehensive academic health center. Students and postdoctoral fellows work with renowned faculty mentors to overcome existing limitations to current standards of care while expanding our knowledge base. Students and trainees play a vital role in driving discovery and innovation while training to become scientists, care providers, educators, administrators, innovators, entrepreneurs, or policy advisors.

In addition to working to ensure excellence in academics and research training, the Graduate College offers extensive Career & Professional Development programming to help students achieve success in their chosen career path, and also oversee Preparing Future Faculty and Clinical & Translational Science programs.