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Poster Board Rental Policy & Procedure

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Graduate College has 56 poster boards that may be rented to organizations/departments affiliated with the Oklahoma Health Center.

All rental requests must be scheduled and approved in advance of the activity. It is the responsibility of the department/ organization renting the boards to arrange for moving boards.

Boards measure 4 ft. X 6 ft. (this includes wood trim), 44 in. X 68 in. (cork only). Please use push pins to mount materials on the boards (no double-stick tape or staples as these may damage the cork). Costs associated with repair or replacement will be at the renting department’s expense. Damage repair cost is dependent upon the type of damage. The full replacement cost of a board is approximately $650.00.

Rental Rate: $10.00/Board PER DAY (Ex. 10 boards X $10.00 for 3 days = $300.00 Total)


  • Contact Kara Bullen at 271-2085 or via email to reserve boards.
  • If boards are available, complete and return the Poster Board Rental Form to Kara Bullen by email or fax at 271-1155.
  • The requester will receive a contract as well as the amount that will be invoiced for rental.
  • This contract must be completed and approved before any boards can be moved from storage. Off-campus use requires approval of the Graduate Dean.
  • Your Department must send two SUR’s to Moving Services (along with the completed Rental Agreement) requesting a pick up from LIB 258 and return date. Arrangements must be made to return the boards to storage immediately after use. If Moving Services is unavailable, the department/organization must arrange for moving of the boards. Moving outside the Bird Library must be in a covered truck.  Off-campus use requires approval of the Graduate Dean.