Trainees on NIH/NSF Fellowships and Training Grants - Information

This page aims to be the central information and resource center for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who have obtained their own NIH or NSF training grant, or have been appointed to an NIH T32 training grant at OUHSC. If you have questions about the content or any information posted, please contact the Graduate College (; 405-271-2085; Bird Library room 258)

Upon appointment as a NIH/NSF Trainee, please review all of the resources below - including the Flowchart, which outlines critical steps and responsibilities to ensure timely stipend payments and benefits withholdings. 

Upon termination of the fellowship appointment, please notify Grants & Contracts Accounting and Human Resources of the termination date to ensure payments end at the appropriate date.


  • Flowchart - Steps in the NRSA/NSF Trainee onboarding process at OUHSC - important, all trainees, faculty mentors and department administrators should read this to understand critical and time-sensitive steps in the process. (revised 8/8/2018).
    • Departments: If the trainee will have no employment compensation, submit an epaf using job code 5417 for predocs and 5425 for postdocs. The stipend can be supplemented from non-federal sources.
      • Alternatively, the student can be appointed as a part time GRA to provide additional income (job code 1777). Compensation may not be paid from the research grant that supports the same research that is part of the fellow's training experience as approved in the Kirschstein-NRSA individual fellowship application.
  • Tax Information Letter - Letter to NRSA/NSF trainees regarding  stipend versus salary and important tax information.
  • Forms
    • Stipend Enrollment Form - Department Administrator to complete upon initial appointment, and annually if grant account numbers or stipend levels change. (revised 8/8/2018)
    • Stipend Withholding Enrollment Form - Trainee to complete (after meeting with HR/Benefits to determine exact amount of payments) to select withholdings to pay for medical, dental, vision insurance and/or parking permit withholdings. (revised 8/8/2018)
    • Direct Deposit Form - Trainee to complete to elect stipend be received as direct deposit.


For general questions about this website, please contact the Graduate College ( general mailbox, or Dr. Air or Dr. Staudt as noted above. Thank you and congratuations to all NIH/NSF Trainees on your appointment!