Graduate Research Education And Technology (GREAT) Symposium




2021 All Virtual GREAT Symposium - March 22 - 25th

 What is the GREAT Symposium?

GREAT is an acronym for Graduate Research Education And Technology Symposium hosted by the OUHSC Graduate College and the OUHSC Graduate Student Association. For the past 45 years, students at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center have showcased their original research at the GREAT Symposium. Students and postdoctoral fellows compete for travel grants to present their research at national scientific meetings.

All current Graduate College students and those graduating in the 2020-21 academic year are eligible to participate.  In order to redeem GREAT travel award winnings, individuals who have graduated must present proof that they will be presenting the research conducted while a student at the OUHSC and not previously presented at GREAT. Graduates in a postdoctoral position must participate in the postdoctoral fellow competition.

46th Annual GREAT Symposium

The 2021 GREAT symposium will be held March 22 - 25 and will feature oral presentations, poster presentations, and Flash Talk competitions (essentially a 3 minute scientific "elevator pitch" for your research) - as well as an awards ceremony for winners of the Oral, Poster and Flash Talk competitions. GREAT 2021 will also feature a new event, the GREAT Debate, sponsored by the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs.  This event will feature team debates and will emphasize the importance of effective communication and interdisciplinary training.  Each team will be comprised of graduate student participants from each of the HSC colleges who will work together to address relevant topics in the biomedical science and healthcare arena.  Each participant from the winning team will receive $200.  If you would like to find out more about the GREAT Debate, please contact Clay Sandel Clayton Sandel , the GREAT Chair Hunter Porter, or Dr. Amy Tucker Amy Tucker.

The symposium also hosts a career development workshop and an exciting keynote address. To help participants prepare, we will also host 4 Pre-GREAT Workshops in January/February to teach key points about writing scientific abstracts and preparing and giving oral, poster, and Flash Talk presentations. You can find more information by clicking through links on the right.

Ways to participate in GREAT

All students are encouraged to submit an abstract in order to present a 10-minute oral or a poster presentation, as well as a 3 minute Flash Talk competition. If you would like to assistant with organization or volunteer at the symposium, please contact the GREAT Chair Hunter Porter.