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Admission Types

2.8.2 Probationary Admission

Admission of an applicant with a grade point average less than a 3.00 (2.75-2.99) may be made only in an unusual case.  Probationary admission to the degree program requires the recommendation of the department or program unit and approval of the Graduate dean. A student admitted with a grade point average less than 3.00 must earn at least a 3.00 grade point average in the initial 9 hours of graded graduate course work. The 9 hours must be courses required for the degree. It is expected these courses will be completed within one calendar year following initial enrollment.

2.8.4 Special Students

The Graduate College grants Special Student acceptance only under restricted circumstances. Most individuals accepted need one specific course for professional advancement such as recertification. Special Student acceptance is not granted to students who wish to take courses to enhance their application to advanced degree programs or who are waiting to apply to or reapply to advanced degree programs. Enrollment is limited to 12 semester hours.

Special Student application is made on the Admissions and Records web page.

Faculty and staff are eligible for reduced tuition and waiver of certain fees. The waiver form is located on the Bursar's website.