GREAT Symposium Judges

JUDGES for the GREAT Symposium, March 22-25, 2021

Judging panels will typically consist of three individuals: two faculty and one postdoc or student (2nd year or above), depending on the session. Judges are needed from every college.

Graduate students may compete in either oral (10 min) or poster formats. Postdoctoral fellows will compete in oral presentations (10 min). Students and Postdocs may compete in Flash Talks (3 min). Lay judges may be used for the Flash Talk competitions, in order to have non-technical science communication accurately assessed.

Details regarding the judges' scheduled time, along with abstracts and score sheets for your session, will be provided prior to GREAT week.

The graduate students and postdoctoral fellows appreciate your time and expertise in judging their research presentations! If you have any questions please contact the Graduate College (, 405-271-2085).

Thank you!

OUHSC Graduate College