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Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences Courses

With the exception of the Spring “selectives”, all GPiBS students take the same courses.  In the Fall, students are enrolled in 14 credit hours. These courses focus on biomedical research methods and techniques, molecular biology, and cell biology, while providing students a chance to rotate through labs in any of our seven participating programs. In the Spring, more specialized courses are offered to ensure that each student has the opportunity to explore research areas that will most benefit them as they choose a department, lab, and research project. These courses are administered by the individual programs and students are able to select a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12 courses. The summer is predominantly comprised of one course, “Experimental Design and Applied Biostatistics”, which provides students with the fundamentals of biostatistics, data interpretation, and experimental design, with a focus on the software GraphPad Prism.

All students are required to take all of the following courses in the Fall Semester.

BMSC 5001:  Integrity in Scientific Research

BMSC 5021:  Methods in Biomedical Research

BMSC 5031:  Laboratory Animal Use and Concepts

BMSC 5221:  Interdisciplinary First Year Journal Club

BMSC 6012:  Molecular Systems I

BMSC 6023:  Molecular Systems II

BMSC 6053:  Cellular Systems I

BMSC 6052:  Cellular Systems II

All students are required to take 9-12 of the following courses in the Spring Semester.

Biochemistry Courses (BIOC)

BIOC 6321-001:  Enzyme Catalysis and Modulation

BIOC 6321-005:  Structural Biology

BIOC 6321-006:  Analysis of Macromolecules 

BIOC 6321-007:  Biochemical and Biophysical Instrumentation Lab 

BIOC 6321-008:  Survey of Data Science

BIOC 6341-003:  GeroScience

BIOC 6341-004:  GTPases as Biological Switches 

BIOC 6341-005:  Metabolic Regulation

Cell Biology Courses (CELL)

CELL 6111:  Cell Biology 1

CELL 6121:  Cell Biology 2

CELL 6321 / OCNS 6321:  Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Vision

Microbiology & Immunology Courses (MI)

MI 5320:  Basic Bacteriology

MI 6011:  Immuno-Oncology

MI 6032:  Immunology 1 & 2

MI 6111:  Immunity & Disease

MI 6301:  Basic Microbiology

MI 6321:  Virology

MI 6501:  Molecular Micro

Oklahoma Center for Neurosciences Courses (OCNS)

OCNS 5571 / PHSC 5571:  Neuropharmacology

OCNS 6101:  Neurobiology

OCNS 6201:  Behavioral Neuroscience

OCNS 6311:  Neuroimmunology

OCNS 6321 / CELL 6321:  Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Vision

Pathology Courses (PATH)

PATH 6121:  Molecular Basis of Human Disease

PATH 6301:  Cells to Tissues to Molecular Morphology

Pharmaceutical Sciences Courses (PHSC)

PHSC 5561:  General Principles of Pharmacology

PHSC 5571 / OCNS 5571:  Neuropharmacology

PHSC 5581:  General and Systematic Toxicology

Physiology Courses (PHYO)

PHYO 6401-001:  Cardiovascular and Renal Systems

PHYO 6401-002:  Cardio Genomics & Diseases

PHYO 6401-003:  Integrative Aspects of Smooth Muscle Function

PHYO 6401-004:  Cellular & Physiological Aspects of Aging

PHYO 6401-005:  Angio- and Lymphangiogenesis

All students are required to take all of the following courses in the Summer Semester.

BMSC 5011:   Experimental Design and Applied Biostatistics