Contact Information

Who do I contact if I have questions about…..?

Financial matters, GRA appointments, student stipends, tuition and fees, student health insurance
Elaine Masters

Admissions, recruiting, program review, graduate student and postdoc affairs, student criminal background checks, laptop encryption, GREAT symposium
Dr. Amy Tucker / Carla Shackelford

Matriculated graduate student progress, degree and graduation requirements, leave of absence, course enrollment changes, change of mentor/committee, graduate faculty appointments
Dr. Rebecka Bourn

Graduate Council and standing committees, travel awards, GREAT symposium, website, room scheduling, catering, poster board rental, scheduling of appointments with the Dean
Catina Jordan

Neuroscience Program Coordinator for graduate students
Chandy Cornelius 

Professional & Career development, Curriculum review procedures, RCR courses, student awards, policy updates, Graduate College Bulletin

Dr. Gillian Air

GPiBS: Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Eric Howard /Dr. Christopher Horton/ Cole Bradshaw

Summer Programs
Dr. Sara Vesely / Dr. Christopher HortonCole Bradshaw

PFF: Preparing Future Faculty program
Dr. Melissa Medina / Carla Shackelford

CTS: Clinical and Translational Sciences Program
CRECD: Clinical Research Education and Career Development Program
Dr. Sara Vesely / Carla Shackelford

Director of Strategic Partnerships & Program Development
Dr. Anne Kasus-Jacobi


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