Graduate College
The mission of the OUHSC Graduate College is to prepare world-class biomedical researchers, educators, and health care professionals. These future leaders will identify the bases of human diseases, translate their findings into relevant clinical applications, and develop solutions to state, national, and global healthcare problems.
Deadlines - Summer 2015
April 27 Final date to file Admission to Candidacy Application
Jul 1 Final date to file for diploma
Jul 1 Final date to submit reading copy*
Jul 13

Final date to Schedule Comprehensive Exam

Request thesis or dissertation defense*

Jul 27 Final date for oral defense of thesis/dissertation*
Exceptions: *Petition for exception to deadline will be considered.
Student Research Highlight

Dr. Brett Herzog, MD/PhD student, is 1st author on an article now in press with supplemental data in the prestigious journal Nature. 

Herzog Photo

Faculty Research Highlight

Dr. Hélène Carabin's research focus is the better understanding of  the epidemiology and transmission of parasitic zoonoses of the brain, while using methods to minimize the impact of bias.

Helene Carabin Photo