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Undergraduate and high school students can gain valuable experience by volunteering at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. If you are interested in biomedical research and want to volunteer in a laboratory in one of the biomedical departments listed below, then please take the following steps below to begin.

Browse  our list of Biomedical Faculty and contact those whose research interests you.  Note that mentors may be unable to accept a volunteer. Then follow the step-by-step instructions below for completion of all the necessary paperwork and trainings. The paperwork is completed with the departmental hiring staff.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The departmental office will need to obtain a background check on the mentor (for minors) and on the incoming volunteer (background checks are only valid for 12 months). Therefore, volunteers must have a valid social security number.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   /    Cell Biology    /    Microbiology and Immunology    /    Neuroscience

Pathology    /    Pharmaceutical Sciences    /    Physiology

Note: If you are interested in clinical research, human population studies, or research in departments not listed above, then please contact the other individual Colleges for information.


In order for volunteers to be granted IT access and complete all of the required trainings, all volunteers must complete the following hiring process (A Social Security Number is Required).

Step 1: The volunteer will need to identify a mentor who is able and willing to take on a volunteer for a defined amount of time. (See the list of mentors here)

Step 2: The mentor and volunteer will begin the volunteer process in the mentor’s department via the departmental hiring manager. This will initiate a criminal background check and grant access to an OUHSC IT account. The following forms will be needed. 

*Mentors, please review the "Minors on Campus Guidelines" if you are mentoring minors face-to-face.

(Note: The Mentor will also need a criminal background check if the volunteer is under 18 years of age)

  • Proof of Medical Insurance – front and back copy of the volunteer’s personal insurance card.
  • Confidential and Proprietary Information Disclosure Form (CPID): CPID

Step 3: Once the criminal background check is cleared and IT user access is granted, the volunteer will need to complete all required trainings (HIPAA, General Biosafety Training, Fire Safety Training, and Laboratory Safety) and any project specific trainings (Bloodborne Pathogens, Research Animal Training, TB Training Human Subjects Training, Radiation Safety, and/or DOT Shipping).

 Step 4: After all trainings and all the above listed forms are completed, the volunteer is now able to work in the lab. A complete file should be saved in the office of the mentor’s department and if the volunteer is under the age of 18, the Office of Risk Management should be notified.