Graduate College

Graduate Student Association

About the GSA

The Graduate Student Association membership includes all students pursuing post baccalaureate degrees in the Graduate College at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.  The organization's mission is to improve student academic conditions and create an organization of the local, regional, and national graduate student community. 



  • To further the academic and career development of all graduate students on the OUHSC campus.
  • To provide graduate students with an opportunity to provide input into the governance of the Graduate College
  • To provide a forum for graduate students to present their research results and to obtain travel funds to attend scientific meetings through the Graduate Research Education and Technology Forum and GSA sponsored travel awards.
  • To provide a social and support network for graduate students on the OUHSC campus.



Goverance is vested in the Graduate College Student Board composed of elected representatives for each of the six professional colleges who serve for one academic year.  Meetings, open to all Graduate students, are held monthly on the first Thursday each month at noon. 


Upcoming Campus Events  

HSC Campus Awards Ceremony

Monday April 13th 5:00 pm in the Student Union

OU Commencement

Friday May 8th 7:00 pm at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

OUHSC Graduate College Convocation

Saturday May 9th 2:00 pm in the Student Union