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How do I add or drop a course or withdraw from the Graduate College?

  • See the academic calendar for specific dates each semeter to drop or withdraw with a passing grade. The appropriate form must be completed and signed.  Forms are found under 'Quick Links' in the red menu on the Admissions and Records homepage.

If my graduate GPA falls below the 3.0 cumulative GPA required by the Graduate College, how long is the probationary period during which I must raise my GPA?

  • Probationary requirements must be met within 9 graduate graded coursework hours or one calendar year. A second probation may be granted if academic progress is demonstrated.  Third probations are not granted.  See section 2.12.2 of the Graduate College Bulletin for details.

Who do I contact if my tuition and fee waiver does not reflect correctly on my tuition statement?

  • The Bursar's Office updates account balances during the first weeks of the semester. Do NOT be alarmed if the initial billing from The Bursar's Office or your online statement reflects an incorrect amount owed in the first weeks of the semester. If you deem your account balance to inaccurately reflect tuition waivers and/or departmental scholarships AFTER receiving or viewing the bursar bill in the months noted below, please contact Becky Mosley in the Graduate College 271-2085 (Becky-Mosley@ouhsc.edu) or the Bursar's Office.
  • October for fall semester
  • March for spring semester
  • July for Summer I semester
  • August for Summer II semester

How do I apply to graduate?

  • All Degree Candidates must complete an application for graduation prior to degree conferral and receipt of the diploma.  This, Application for Diploma is submitted online through the Office of Admissions and Records.  All students identified as an expected graduate in PeopleSoft for the current semester will be notified by the Office of Admissions and Records when the online application for diploma is available for submission. 
  • All Master students must submit to the Graduate College in addition to the application for diploma an approved Admission to Candidacy Application by the date listed in the OUHSC Academic Calendar.
  • All Doctoral students in addition to the application for diploma must meet with their graduate advisor (Mentor) to assess the probability of graduation.  Upon approval, notify the Graduate College of your expected graduation and schedule a degree check to be performed in the Graduate College.

Where do I locate the forms required by the Graduate College?

  • All forms required for MS and PhD students by the Graduate College are located online accessed from the Graduate Student Forms link.

What is the last date I can complete my degree requirements to graduate this semester/summer session?

  • To entitle the student to graduate as of the established date, all academic work required for the degree must be satisfactorily completed prior to the first day of classes of the next semester or summer session.
  • Graduate students completing degrees that require a thesis or dissertation are given an additional "grace period" of up through the last day of late enrollment of the next term to complete all requirements (including the microfilming fee and the deposit in the Library of their thesis or dissertation) and are not required to enroll for that term. The diploma and the official date of graduation will reflect the term in which all requirements were met. 
  • If the student has not completed requirements by the end of the last day for enrollment, the student must enroll again in a minimum of two semester hours of thesis or dissertation and the diploma will be issued for that term.

Where can I find the OUHSC Policy Guideline for Implementing Graduation?

Can I transfer coursework toward my graduate degree from an accredited institution if the grade I earned in the course is a "C" grade?

  • No.  The coursework transferred must represent valid graduate credit earned in graduate level courses from an accredited college or university.  The transfer credit must carry a grade of A, B, or S.