Upcoming Doctoral Dissertation Defense Announcements

The Graduate College Announces the Final Examination For the Defense of the Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Rachel Lane Dissertation Defense Photo

Rachel Sterling Lane | Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | Novel Glycosaminoglycan Design, Synthesis, and Use in Drug Delivery Models | 

Defense Date:  Tuesday, April  11, 2017 | 12:00 Noon |   Biomedical Research Center, Room 109

COMMITTEE IN CHARGE:  Paul L. DeAngelis, PhD, Chair, Franklin Hays, PhD, Kenneth Humphries, PhD, Guangpu Li, PhD, Ann Louise Olson, PhD, Scott Plafker, PhD.



Doctoral Defense Announcements (2016 - 2017)

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Graduate Student                                                             

Graduate Program                                                 


Spring 2017 Defense Announcements

Hem R. Gurung Microbiology and Immunology Daniel J.J. Carr, Ph.D.
Mariam Ibrahim Graduate Pharmaceutical Sciences Lucila Garcia-Contreras, Ph.D.
Robert McClellon Jackson II Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ann Louise Olson, Ph.D.
Chelsea Marie Larabee Neuroscience Scott Plafker, Ph.D.
Tina B. McKay Cell Biology Dimitrios Karamichos, Ph.D., Chair
Ankur Sharma Graduate Pharmaceutical Sciences Sukyung Woo, Ph.D.
Younghwa Shin Physiology Jian-xing Ma, M.D., Ph.D., Chair

Fall 2016 Defense Announcements

Anja Bastian Physiology Michael A. Ihnat, Ph.D.
Michelle Dennison Allied Health Sciences Susan B. Sisson, Ph.D.
Patrick Dib Graduate Pharmaceutical Sciences Kelly S. Standifer, Ph.D.
Xuemin He Physiology Jian-Xing, Ma, M.D., Ph.D.
Chao Huang Physiology Xin Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.
Karen Kay Karner Communication Sciences and Disorders Sarah S. Buckingham, Ph.D/Susan Benson, Ph.D.
Emily Kurdzo Cell Biology Dean Dawson, Ph.D., Chair
Maggie Yoder Mwoyosvi Cell Biology

Muna Naash, Ph.D./Lawrence Rothblum, Ph.D.

Angela Dee Ramey Graduate Nursing

Carol Rogers, Ph.D. / Karen Rose Ph.D.

Stefano Tarantini Physiology Zoltan Ungvari, M.D., Ph.D.
Amanda K. Templeton Pathology David Jones, Ph.D. 

Summer 2016 Defense Announcements

Lee Broderick Bockus Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Kenneth Humphries, Ph.D.
Eric Kristopher Dumas Microbiology and Immunology A. Darise Farris., Ph.D.
Justin Daniel Dvorak Communication Sciences and Disorders Frank R. Boutsen, Ph.D.
Summer Gale Frank Biostatistics and Epidemiology Sara K. Vesely, Ph.D.
David George Graduate Pharmaceutical Sciences Michael J. Smith, Ph.D. 
Jennifer Green Health Promotion Sciences  Thomas A. Teasdale, DrPH
Jami Gurley Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ann Louise Olson, Ph.D.
Claude Hill Biostatistics and Epidemiology David M. Thompson, Ph.D.
 Henna Iqbal Microbiology and Immunology Darrin R. Akins, Ph.D.
 Shirley James Biostatistics and Epidemiology Laura A. Beebe, Ph.D.
Ann Norris Biostatistics and Epidemiology Jennifer Peck, Ph.D.
Gary Burton O'Mealey Cell Biology Scott M. Plafker, Ph.D.
Vineet Patel Microbiology and Immunology Jordan Metcalf, M.D., Ph.D.
Timothy Tung Pham Graduate Pharmaceutical Sciences Grant H. Skrepnek, Ph.D.
Binu Shrestha Microbiology and Immunology Darrin R. Akins, Ph.D.
Katheryn Swyden Allied Health Sciences Susan B. Sisson, Ph.D.
Ryan A. Zander Microbiology and Immunology Noah Butler, Ph.D.