Graduate College
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Program Director: Dean James J. Tomasek

Program Goal:
The goal of the Master of Science degree program in Clinical and Translational Science is to prepare health professionals to become competent in the methodological foundations and conduct of clinical and translational research.

Target Audience:
The target audience includes junior faculty, residents, and fellows with a professional doctoral degree, including, but not limited to, an M.D., D.D.S., Pharm.D., Doctorate of Nursing, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, or Doctorate of Rehabilitation, who are interested in becoming productive, independent clinical and translational research investigators.

Curriculum Summary:
The curriculum consists of didactic study, an experiential practicum, and a mentored research project. Program requirements result in a total of 33 credit hours, including 18 core course credit hours (7 courses), 6 elective credit hours (2 courses), and 9 research credit hours. Participants will develop competencies related to principles of qualitative research methods, quantitative research methods, clinical and translational research process and design, informatics, effective oral and written communication, human research ethics and responsible conduct of research, cultural competency, research management, and professionalism and career development. Students are required to write a research prospectus in a grant proposal format. Finally, students are required to write and orally defend a thesis.

Overall Program Summary:

  MS in CTS Program Summary